2010 The Sketchbook Diaries

Here are my thoughts, alive within these pages.
Since 2003 my sketchbook diaries illustrate a collection of thoughts, scattered pieces of text and photographic sketches that show the process of experimentation and transformation. In the creation of these ideas I do not necessarily attempt to depict the actual concept of things, but the impression that it makes on one's inner emotions. The single image will be a long way from expressing the composite result. By stepping outside the natural boundaries of the photographic medium I am searching for a totally new synthesis. For me photography is alchemy, seeing photographic vision to form compatible combinations and to generate radical new forms of visual expression. In assembling this book I have endeavoured to keep some form of chronological order. This was difficult due to the duration and reworking of some of the themes and projects that have spanned several years. Finished works were constructed at a later date but are positioned near the relevant section. There were many unused texts and images from The Shadow of the Cross project, some are shown here along with the Gerona Cross work which has been extended for future reference. Work undertaken around Blaenavon, South Wales still continues and new work has been undertaken in Jerusalem. As yet some projects have not made it beyond the sketchbook stage. At this moment in time the ideas dwell within my soul, hidden from the world. Learn to seek not the picture, not the aesthetics of tradition but the instrument of expression.

Roger Polley 2010