1985 The Structure of Chance

The idea for this book arose from a need to document our photographic projects chronologically and to publish articles written about our work since 1979. The result has, therefore, been one of collaboration with writers who have responded to our work with enthusiasm; this has been a continuous source of encouragement to us. We would particularly like to thank those writers who have written articles specially for this publication: John Berger, Lindsay Brooks, Mike Cooper, Michael Maziere, Eric Stanford, Linda Reed, Wayne Tippets, Pierre Vivant, Bas Vroege and Jeni Walwin. Special thanks to Lindsay Brooks, Keeper of Fine Art, Walsall Museum and Art Gallery, for her support and encouragement during the Arboretum project and Linda Reed for the design of this book. Our method of working is by project in response to specific locations, which are determined by careful selection or by invitation to work in a particular landscape. The duration of each project varies according to the circumstances at the time and usually results in a number of photographic/ film works being produced in response to a variety of natural phenomena. The certainty and continuity of change, the contrast of seasons and the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water are all inspirational sources for our work. A selection of photographic works from each of our projects is included in this book.

Roger Polley, John Woodman, 1985